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Huntington Technology Group, Inc., (HTG) offers consulting services for implementation of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to support management, planning, operations, and quality control responsibilities for Mining, Gas, Oil, Timber, Land  Management and Transportation industries.
Huntington Technology Group, Inc., is dedicated to supplying the best possible solutions to our clients. This, plus our excellent customer support, keeps our business growing!!

GIS Software and Implementation Services
        for Natural Resource Companies
HTG provides the following GIS consulting services:

Provide turnkey GIS system design and implementation

Perform needs assessments

Demonstrate potential solutions

Advise on development processes that support simplified
future re-evaluation and process refinement as the GIS evolves

Perform system design and develop custom integrated
applications with off-the-shelf software and existing client data

Perform database design and population

Integration of existing digital datasets from multiple sources

Linking of graphic entities with attribute database records
for analysis and reporting

Provide system support and training
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Stan Thompson at (304) 697-6773
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